About Doug McPherson

My passion for woodworking began in my grandfather’s garage. His name was Jack Hugh McPherson.  It was there in his modest workshop, on those cold Northern Michigan mornings, with the smell of the pot-belly wood stove, that I was first instructed on proper hand-saw technique.  My father, Gordon, is a stickler for details and worked more than twenty years in the skilled trades as a precision tool and die maker.  He also runs a small tree farm and nursery.  Both men lived by the motto, “If you are going to do something,  take the time to do it right!”.

I’m not sure how old I was when Grandpa first put that saw in my hand….eight, maybe nine?  What I do remember is that it awoke in me a desire; a passion.  The projects were simple and often unrefined in those days, but the seeds of a connection to a noble craft were planted.  Sure, there are easier paths I could pursue, but the satisfaction that comes from creating beautiful wooden pieces with my hands, guided by the mind and heart is what I dream about.

The challenge of improving with each new project is part of the passion that draws me to the craft.  Whether it is cutting perfect dovetails, fitting mortise and tenon joinery, project design and symmetry, finishing, or fulfilling the dreams and desires of satisfied customers, I take great pride in my work.  I’m a person with focus and determination.  My mind naturally drifts to woodworking and I love the satisfaction of making someone else’s dreams and desires for their environment come true.  Expect a great customer experience because that’s my reward!

In the early nineties, I married my wonderful wife, Doris. We spent our first years together living in Philadelphia, working and going to graduate school. After returning to Michigan four years later, we built a modest house in a beautiful small West Michigan town. We have three great kids who are growing up very quickly.  We are very blessed.