This shelf holds precious value to me.  

Read that sentence again. 

It’s not the shelf itself that I value most, but what it holds that is precious.  You see, this collection of blue glass belonged to my grandmother and next door neighbor, Anna Mae McPherson.   I was grateful to become the new caretaker of this collection upon her passing last year.  Grandma had this beautiful, gentle, confident, spiritual strength about her that I so admired.  I’m a little choked up as I write, just putting this to words.  The wisdom and unconditional love she shared will be cherished always.And, yes, it was Anna Mae’s husband, Jack, my grandfather, that introduced me to woodworking.   This shelf was made specifically for Grandma’s glass collection, and it now lives on our bedroom wall.  As I picked up the walnut board that would become this shelf, I could see pattern in the grain lines with resemblances to a fish shape, so I used the outline as my design guide.

The shelves are “floating”, meaning they sit snugly within cut dado slots, but they are not glued or secured with screws.  Each one can be removed and moved left or right to create your own desired look.  The main vertical spine is secured to the wall by two simple screws that hide themselves inside the dado slots, so no hardware can be seen.

Thank you Grandma McPherson.

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