Disclaimer:  Theses are quick cell phone pictures, taken during the build process.  They are not first rate quality.

Woodworking and good coffee, what a perfect combination!  My last post was about tea caddies. In fairness to coffee, my even more beloved hot beverage, this post is required.

My friends, Rodney and Mindy Hensley, of Sozo Coffee Roasting and Espresso Bar have this great little espresso bar in Ionia, MI.  But, it’s not just a cool little coffee shop.  Rodney is a coffee roasting aficionado and he knows more about coffee than anyone I know.  If great coffee interests you, you can learn about their various blends of coffee and place an order online at sozocoffee.com.

Recently, Rodney invited me to stop in to discuss a possible commission for six new 24″ x 24″ table tops for their espresso bar.  After the personal visit and extended conversation about what they were looking for, we came up with the idea of inlaying the Sozo logo on the top of each table using walnut, maple and cherry.

The photo gallery above is really my way of recording the highlights of  the build process from start to finish. Now, I’m well aware that my potential customers may or may not have that level of interest in peeking in to my world, but, for those of you with that kind of curiosity, I hope you enjoy learning more about how I approached this challenging, but very rewarding project!

Thanks Rodney and Mindy for the order.  I hope the fresh look in your shop is enjoyed by your customers.

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2 thoughts on “Sozo Coffee Roasting and Espresso Bar Table Tops Project

  1. Your website looks great! Also, your SoZo table tops are turning out beautifully. When will they be installed?

  2. Hi Abbigail. Thanks for your complimentary words! I’m hoping that the finishing part wraps up toward the end of this week so that they can be installed over the weekend, or perhaps first of next week. I’m anxious to see them in the coffee shop too.

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