Dimensions- 30″x30″x13″
The design inspiration is largely influenced by the Greene & Greene style. Featuring stylishly stout legs, graceful lines, and two drawers, this strong little table would bring a bold elegance to many environments.  The primary wood, cherry, contains some lovely grain patterns that compliment the design perfectly.  Black walnut accent splines enhance the design and have a tendancy to draw your eye and keep your interest.  

This table is actually the outcome of a design change on the Media Cabinet.  Stated more plainly, it was an “oopsy”.

Here’s the story.  The table top on this piece was originally built for the Media Cabinet, but when I built it and placed it in position, it just didn’t look right to me.  My wife was called in to the shop and she confirmed that, while it was a beautiful table top, it didn’t work on that piece.  As a result I designed this little coffee table to find a new home for the orphaned surface.

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