Features: Black walnut and hickory.  Box joint or dovetail joint contstruction.  Slotted handle on the lid is designed to hold a standard 3″x5″ index card.

A few years back, I made one of these for my wife, Doris to take to a friend’s wedding shower.  As I recall, the plan was for all of the ladies to bring one or two of their favorite recipes to fill the box for the bride to be.  When Doris returned from the shower, I suddenly had three more orders to fill.

I’ve also donated one of these to a silent auction at my church.  That also turned in to a bit of a bidding war. One of the losing bidders put in her personal order after church the following Sunday.

It’s really a pretty straight-forward design, so I’m not sure what all the fuss is about.  People seem to like the slot on top to hold their recipes while they are cooking.

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2 thoughts on “Recipe Boxes

  1. I was the friend so perhaps I can explain the appeal. 😉 So much of the cooking that I do is actually from family recipes. I don’t often find myself reaching for a cook book to put dinner on the table. I love the recipe box because it allows me to keep everything I need right at my finger tips with no clutter and a lot of style. I constantly receive compliments on it and now both my mother and mother-in-law (who both were at the shower and quite jealous of that particular gift) have recipe boxes as well. 🙂 I often find recipes online and can print them off index card size so they fit nicely in my beautiful recipe box. I’ve built my own little repertoire of dishes but instead of bulky notebooks or cookbooks I have a lovely, sophisticated art piece that happens to hold them all. Doug, you are correct though that the slot on the top that holds the card up for you while you cook, thereby keeping it neat and available, is inspired. I’m so very glad that you guys blessed our new life together with such a beautiful and functional piece!

  2. Thanks for the very nice comments tcirishgirl! It’s great that you are enjoying the recipe box SO much.

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