This media cabinet was commissioned for my most important customer, my wife, Doris.  Created to house and hide all of the media components, it now sits in our living room directly under the wall-mounted flat screen.

Many elements of the design inspiration are taken from the Greene & Greene style although I chose cherry and black walnut rather than the traditional mahogany and ebony.  It’s my little signature I guess.

A few words about design requirements: Doris wanted to use the top of this cabinet for holding another recently completed project, the chess board, so I made the depth a bit deeper than would otherwise have been necessary.  One of the great things about being a custom woodworker is having the ability to custom create a piece for a specific purpose and place.

The front doors open and slide nicely back inside the cabinet out of the way.  Since the doors will be open much of the time so the various media remote controls can function, this was a great feature to include. The inner shelves are also adjustable in order to arrange them around the components that need to fit inside.  Finally, the large drawer at the bottom is for the video game clutter; games, controllers, remotes, and, and.  I don’t know about you, but in my house, the children have collected a bit of that kind of thing, and this drawer is now where it lives.  There is a divider inside the drawer for the video game cases to fit neatly on the left side, and the controllers on the right.  The “through” dovetail joints (appropriately named because they are exposed and go all the way through) on the drawer are my first hand cut dovetails. No dovetail jig.  No router.  What a great joy it was!

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