Recently I was contacted by a new customer who decided to commission me to build a jewelry case.  When I invited the customer to participate in the design process, they expressed interest in seeing some sketches with a few different options, but they expressed trust in my design instincts more than their own.

Here are three different variations on the same fundamental design. (Disclaimer: I’ve never impressed anyone with my sketching abilities)  Sketch #1 is simply to show how the case works, with two sides compartments, and lid on the top, and drawers on the front that all open.

Sketch #1

Sketch #2 is the basic design that I found when a friend showed me his wife’s jewelry case, hand crafted by her father.  It’s a very beautiful jewelry case.  However, when I make a piece, I always like to add some personal design touches that make it my own creation.  I guess I feel a little like it’s cheating to duplicate someone else’s work exactly.

Sketch #2

and here is a picture of that actual jewelry case.

Sketch #3 follows the same basic design, but I added some flare with some curved lines on the sides and angles on the edges of the lid.

Sketch #3

Sketch #4 offers another option for the sides, drawer pulls, and for the feet.

Sketch #4 

In woodworking, there are lots of different styles:  Shaker, Mission, Arts & Crafts, 18th Century Classical, and many, many more.  There are even variations within many of the styles.  For example, some of the elements in the Sketch #3 design could be described as Asian inspired Arts and Crafts style, while Sketch #4 could be described as Greene and Greene inspired Arts and Crafts style.

What’s your vote?  What do you like about these designs?  What don’t you like?  What would you add, change, or take away?  Please give me some feedback by clicking on the little comment bubble at the top, right side of this post.

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2 thoughts on “Jewelry Case- Design Option Sketches

  1. Use your imagination too, and let me know what hardwood species you think would work best. I typically work with walnut, cherry, and maple. I also have some spalted beech, and osage orange on hand.

  2. All look good but my favorite is option 3. I like the curves in the design it reminds me of an hour glass (timelessness), which I love to see speak to me in woodwork. 🙂 My preference of wood would be cherry. Really excited to see it when completed. I’m always amazed at your talents.

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