Ok, the secret is out.  Christmas is over, the jewelry case is finished, and I can reveal that my “customer” was one of my closest friends, Gelan.  He ordered the jewelry case as a Christmas present for his wife, Caroline.  The whole thing was supposed to be a surprise, and I was highly skeptical that we guys could pull this off without her finding out.   Well, either she is really good at faking it, OR we did it!

Gelan and I are different in many ways.  He’s relaxed, easy goin’, social.  I’m a bit more driven, uptight, live-by-the-clock.  Sometimes I envy hermits. One trait that Gelan and DO share is our lack of romance!  When it comes to planning thoughtful gifts for our wives in advance, we just stink! I think that is the primary reason while Caroline never figured this out.  Good job Gelan!

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