What Customers Are Saying....

“When I received my jewelry box for Christmas it literally took my breathe away. It is the most beautiful gift I have ever been given. The design, the function, the woodgrain and color, and the craftsmanship all put together make it stand out as the loveliest piece in my room. I didn’t know what I was getting for Christmas and when I told one of my friends what my husband got me, she said ‘You got that beautiful jewelry box I saw on Facebook? I thought some really lucky woman in Florida or somewhere was getting the most beautiful jewelry box I’d ever seen.’ It really is that amazing. My husband did really well with this purchase and it will be cherished for a long time to come.”

Caroline D.

“Doug was very easy to work with. I provided him a picture and then he tweaked it a little to make it his own! Kept me updated throughout the process! My mom shows her quilt ladder to everyone that comes over!”

Nicole E.

“We are very satisfied with the benches Doug made for our dining room table. They are very high quality and after 2 years of daily use by our 6 kids, still look brand new. I know they will last for years to come. Doug communicated with us through the building process to make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted. We highly recommend him, and hope to be repeat customers in the future!”

Rick and Nicole H.

“First, I bought a McPherson cutting board for my wife. She refuses to use it as a cutting board, “It is too beautiful to mar with a knife.” It sits in the middle of the dining room table, where it serves as a trivet.

The recipe box that came next, was a bit short. Doug made a replacement that is perfect. It graces the kitchen and is used daily.

Our plumber left a hole in the bathroom wall when he repaired the shower. Doug made a custom wall cabinet that covers the hole. It is very well crafted and, like the recipe box, a masterpiece of joinery. Best of all, the mounting screws are invisible.

Artistic pieces all. Each is a work of beauty and superb craftsmanship, unlike anything from a factory.”

Chuck H.

“Several years ago, I asked Doug if he could make an all-purpose dining room table for my family of six. I wanted it to be rustic and made of reclaimed wood, which was new territory for him. He recycled wood from a fallen 100 year-old barn, and made us a thing of beauty that has become the hub of our home. Many a meal has been eaten at this 4’x8′ table, as well as homework, art projects, and even an occasional ping pong game. It is beautiful, unique, and extremely functional. We get compliments on it all the time. Thanks, Doug!”

Dr. Matthew E.