Woodworking is a journey, and I’m always excited when I get to learn something new.  Sometimes I’ll learn a new skill by choice, and sometimes a customer request pulls me in a new direction.  Either way, I get to expand my knowledge and skills.  Considering a project and what it offers to the customer and to me is part of the fun.

My current project is a gun barrel style farm house table made from reclaimed, century old barn hardwoods.

Here’s where the project began.

Timbers for the project were sourced from two local fallen barns.  I was able to receive permission from the owners to sift through the rubble and salvage usable timbers.  I even had help from some very curious cows at the first site, pictured here.

Here’s a couple sketches of the table’s design based upon the customer’s requests and pictures they sent me.

Because this is one massive table, I offered a design option that would allow the table to be disassembled.   The upper and lower stretchers are removable so the table can be moved much easier. The table will also include two 16″ removable end leaves to add length when hosting guests.

I have to thank my customers, Matt and Margaret, for requesting this build.  I’m not sure I would have tried working with reclaimed barn timber otherwise and I’m enjoying it (well, except removing all those nails!).  One of the things I like most about this distressed-look design… I won’t  have to spend much time sanding!

I hope you enjoy looking through the above photos that capture elements of the build.  I would love to read some of your thoughts and comments.   For more regular updates, you can also follow me on Facebook.  See the link at the top-left of the home page.

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