There is a very special person in the local church that my family attends.  Well, there are many actually, but one of them high on the list is Sylvia Hutchinson.  You see,  Sylvia is the Sunday School teacher for two of my children, and she loves and serves them so faithfully every week that simply saying “thank you” seems woefully insufficient.  Nevertheless, Sylvia, THANK YOU.  I am deeply grateful.  You put your whole self into serving others.  May God bless you richly!

Sylvia’s husband, Chuck purchased this recipe box for her as a birthday present.  He’s a pretty swell dude too.  I have observed that Chuck has both a thorough knowledge, and deep love for the lessons and stories of the Bible.  Chuck also knows his history, and is a bilingual, American Patriot.

About the box.  It is made from Black Walnut and Hard Maple.  The dovetailed corners were hand-cut.  No router or power tools were involved with that joinery!  One of the aspects of woodworking that draws me to the craft is the desire to always increase my skills, so I purposefully elected that approach.  Full disclosure- it took me two tries to get them right!  The first attempt was pretty good.  But, nobody wants “pretty good”.  I know I don’t want to put my name on it.

The highly figured grain in the lid was created by re-sawing (shop talk for “slicing”) four veneers from the same section of board.  The grain was near a branch of the tree, and as you can see, God hides some pretty amazing beauty deep inside of trees.  The re-sawing technique is called “book-matching” because after you slice through the board, you open the two halves like opening a book.  The result is two “matching” pieces with grain patterns that mirror image each other.

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