Dimensions- 24″ x 24″x 4″

Features- cherry, black walnut, and hard maple. Single drawer  with slotted compartments inside for game pieces.  Drawer opens from two sides.  Shop-made drawer pulls from black walnut.

A chess board was on my project wish-list for WAY too long.  Someday.  Well, someday is finally here.

Similar to the Media Cabinet, the design inspiration is heavily influenced by the Greene & Greene style, but I chose cherry and black walnut instead of mahogany with ebony.

A little story.  My father in-law enjoys a good game of chess.  Last year, he also cut down a cherry tree in his front yard.  During one of his regular visits he pulled a piece of that tree from the wood pile and brought it along for me.  The stunning figured grain in the drawer fronts and sides are taken from that rescued piece of firewood.

When I finished the project I wanted so badly to play the first game right away with one of my kids, but I had to set it aside until the next visit from my  in-laws.  He won.

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